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    Awhile back, we put out a call asking for stories about your experiences during this pandemic. We are hoping that by sharing our stories, it will help our community heal a little from the loneliness that comes from self-isolation. So far, we haven’t received many stories, so I thought I’d get the ball rolling with a little icebreaker. It seems like a lifetime ago now, but way back at the beginning of this whole thing – before March break – I was in a store where people were chitchatting about the impending “lockdown.” Remember when we thought it was only going to last for two weeks? Oh, the naiveté. A…

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    VIDEO :: 2018 Magnetawan Municipal Election All-Candidates Meeting

    Hello, Magnetawan ratepayers! We would like to thank everyone again for making the all-candidates meeting a huge success. We had 225 voters attend the meeting. Please see below for video of the evening’s proceedings. If you would like to download the transcript, click here. We also have hard copies available at the library. Thank you and don’t forget to vote!  

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    Transcript :: 2018 Magnetawan Municipal Election All-Candidates Meeting

    The 2018 Magnetawan Municipal Election All-Candidates Meeting was held on Monday, October 1, 2018, hosted by the library. We had a terrific turnout of 225 voters. It was really something to see the civic engagement in our little community. Thank you to everyone who attended, all of the volunteers who made the event possible, and to the candidates for making themselves available to answer questions and address concerns. Please click on the link below to download the transcript of the evening’s proceedings. Video will be available in the next day or two. 2018 Election All-Candidates Meeting Transcript