Tea Time :: Paper Ornament Workshop

Paper snowflakes hang from the branches of a Christmas tree.

We had a wonderful turnout for our December Tea Time event making a lovely paper snowflake! This was one of those projects that look very complicated until you read the instructions, and you think, ‘Hey, that’s not so difficult.”

And then you dive in, measuring, cutting and measuring and cutting… Measuring and cutting. Measuring. Cutting. And, you’re like, ‘Oh.’ At this point, our workshop participants changed their plans from making a bunch of these beauties to just getting this one finished. 

Workshop participants sit around a table in the community centre working on paper ornaments.

Lorinda led the workshop, assisting participants with their Christmas creations. We used old books off the sale shelf for an antique look which also provided the bonus of being free and eco-friendly.

Feeling adventurous and crafty? 

Click here for the instructions!

Measuring and cutting all the strips of paper.
These snowflakes are loopy!
Patricia Lake showing off her work with some skepticism.
Sally Norman is pleased as punch with her creation.
Kerri Sohm is working hard on hers while her daughter looks on.
Elinor Raaflaub came back in the evening to finish up her snowflake.