Book Club || March

During the dangerous days of World War II, Honey Deschamps is spending her days transcribing decrypted messages at Bletchley Park, when she starts to receive bizarrely coded packages. When everyone is keeping secrets, who can you trust?

Bletchley Park, 1942: As World War II rages on, Honey Deschamps sits at her type-x machine, tediously transcribing decrypted signals from the German Army, doing her part to assist the British war effort. Halfway across the world, Hitler’s armies are marching into Leningrad, leaving a trail of destruction and pillaging the country’s most treasured artworks, including the famous Amber Room – the eighth wonder of the world.

As reports begin filtering into Bletchley Park about the stolen loot, Honey receives a mysterious package, hand-delivered from a man that she has never seen before who claims that he works at the Park as well. The package is postmarked from Russia, and inside is a small piece of amber. It is just the first of several such packages, and when she examines them together she realizes that someone, relying on her abilities to unravel codes, is trying to tell her something.

Honey can’t help but fear that the packages are a trap set by the authorities to test her loyalties – surely nothing so valuable could get through the mail during a time of war. And yet, something about the packages reminds her of stories that her brother used to tell her about her absent father, and when her brother is found brutally murdered on his way to visit Honey, she can’t help but assume that the events are connected. But at Bletchley Park, secrecy reigns supreme, and she has nowhere to turn for help…

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Book Club || December

December’s book is Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice. We have copies at the library! Come and pick yours up. Please also note that the 4th Wednesday of December falls on Christmas Day, so we will be moving the meeting up a week to Wednesday, December 18. Hope to see you soon.

First Nations Public Library Week 2019

The week of September 29 – October 5, 2019 was First Nations Public Library Week, a time when we honour the work of First Nations Librarians for providing access to books and information in their communities, and when we also honour our First Nations friends and neighbours.

The Magnetawan Public Library marked the occasion by inviting Delores McKay, Executive Director of the Parry Sound Friendship Centre to lead a workshop making medicine pouches. She also brought her colleague, Matt Rutledge to assist. The event was very well attended and everyone had a wonderful time.

Delores opened the workshop with a prayer and explained the significance of medicine pouches. After roundtable introductions, participants dove into sewing their pouches. The evening was also peppered with stories, songs and drumming. It was truly lovely. Miigwech, Delores and Matt for sharing your knowledge and fellowship.

Poster for FNPLW Medicine Pouch Workshop