February Tea Time

Last week, we hosted our monthly Tea Time event, which happens the first Wednesday of every month. We had a fantastic turnout for Valentine Chocolate Making, including a few men from the community. And why not? Men like chocolate, too. Special thanks goes to Cathy Gauthier for documenting the event.

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Head Librarian and CEO, Lorinda Makoviczki, explains the process of chocolate making. Left to right: Carol Johnston, Mary Bishop, Lorie Bensler, Lorinda Makoviczki, Sally Norman (Photo credit: Cathy Gauthier)


Left to right: Mary Bishop, Judy Dibben, Edith Prout, Sally Norman (Photo credit: Cathy Gauthier


Left to right: Karen Shenfeld, Carol Johnston, Mary Bishop, Lorie Bensler (Photo credit: Cathy Gauthier)


Clockwise from bottom left: Ed Lake, David Gauthier, Lorie Bensler, Patricia Lake, Candi Strickler, Mary Bishop, Judy Dibben, Sally Norman (Photo credit: Cathy Gauthier)


David Gauthier channels his creativity to decorate chocolate. (Photo credit: Cathy Gauthier)


Charles Strickler uses a paint brush to add tasty detail. (Photo credit: Cathy Gauthier)


Patricia Lake shows off her chocolate-covered cherry in progress. (Photo credit: Cathy Gauthier)


Everyone took home a bounty of sweet and yummy chocolates! (Photo credit: Cathy Gauthier)

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